Pro-Life, Unless You're A Woman

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I really cannot explain how angry and disgusted I am with the religious right. Their latest crime against humanity (well, at least the female portion) involves the HPV vaccines that that are coming out. HPV is responsible for gential warts and, more criticallycervical cancer, which kills 4000 women in the U.S. each year (and affects 500,000), and 270,000 around the world, mostly in the third world. The vaccine, which is 100% effective against the two most common strains of the virus would vastly reduce these numbers.

The vaccine, which consists of a six-month, three shot course costing a little over 300 dollars, is best administered to girls between the ages of 9 and 12, since it can only prevent getting the virus, not cure it once infected.

The religious right (including Focus on the Family, Family Research Council) are lobbying against having this vaccine a routinely administered. Why? Well, because by preventing a girl from getting a potentially fatal sexually tranmitted disease we would be sending a message tath promiscuity is okay, and encouraging them to have sex.

These people are, of course, completely nuts. When you got your Tetnus vacinne did you think of that as a free pass to run around in empty lots full of rusty nails? Probably not, but hey, if you did end up in a lot full of rusty nails, and happened to get one in you foot, wasn't it great that you were vaccinated? People are going to occasionally have unprotected, premarital sex, often they will regret it. Making the punishment for doing so death by cancer seems a little harsh to me.

Hey! Here's a nutty idea - what about instead of sticking our heads in the ground and pretending that abstinance only education works (it doesn't, every study shows that), why don't we provide kids with real factual information about the risks of unprotected sex, the importance of prophylactics, and provide any vaccination safety net that we can.

Oh wait - that's right. They only care about children before they are born. If you want to have your daughter to die from cervical cancer because you didn't get her vaccinated and didn't teach her how to use a condom, I suppose that's your business, but for god's sake, keep your "moral" beliefs out of medicine.

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I should have known...those religious idiots can not seem to leave anything that betters women's lives might upset their narrow-minded sensibilities. How can a vaccine to prevent cancer have anything to do with their ideas of morality? It makes absolutely no sense, yet I bet there are numerous schmucks out there who buy that crap, hook line and sinker, because of course, it is too difficult and time-consuming to think for ones self. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, but it's maddening that those assholes promote such idiocy.

Well, it's bloody obvious how it will impact their agenda; it proves once again that science has better solutions to the problems of the world than "Faith" does. All they have it "don't do that", while science marches on making it safer for people to engage in the sexuality that god built into them (or would have, if she existed). These people have no interest in morality - their argument is immoral and insupportable, so they have to go to emotion and scare tactics. Sound like anyone else you know?

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