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Papers were signed today. It all becomes totally absolutely official after the judge signs off/fat lady sings, but for all intents and purposes I am divorced now; it was witnessed by a fish and everything (don't ask, or do, but expect an answer that is more boring than you hoped).

I suppose that I should be out celebrating with 'hos and blow, but, seeing as I am tragically broke, I don't even have the option of choosing between the two; it's frozen(vegetarian) pizza and Final Fantasy II for me tonight (assuming that I can get Ashley off the PS2).

Anyway, I guess congratulations are in order.

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So a woman walks into a doctors office with a fish...
Pah duhn duhn.

At least the fish had (and/or has) a relatively humourous name.
Mr. Poopy Fins or (in reference to our practice) Albert Finney.
Perhaps the first should be a "pet name".

Speaking of Fat Ladies...
Have you seen the new diet pill commericals?

I fell bad for you and that toe and i am 8 years old and i happend to see that! that must of hurt

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