The Marathon Man

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So I visited the sadists today to have my teeth checked.

Apparently, I still have most of them.

I did make the mistake of bringing my anti-Intelligent Design book with me to read and had to spend a good part of the cleaning carefully avoiding questions from my dental hygienist which, if answered truthfully, would no doubt have resulted in extreme pain for me. When the line of questions begins with "As a Christian, I don't believe that a species can evolve into another species", you know you are in trouble.Thankfully, I did not respond, "So, I am guessing that you also don't believe that two hydrogen atoms, combined with a single oxygen atom create water, since that book says he divided the water from the land, not Hydrogen and Oxygen, in a 2/1 ratio, from numerous other atoms, while leaving many of those same trace atoms suspended in the H2O, and said it was good?" We won't even go into the fact that he didn't create the sun, the stars and the planets until two days after creating light . I assume you already know about the two conflicting creation stories in Genesis...One with women equal to men, and the other as his "helpmeet". Guess which one get's ignored these days, even though they are right there in the first two chapters - and the man on top one was pretty obviously added about 400 years later.

I'm not even going to go into Lot sleeping with his daughters...

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is it safe?

Probably not...This whole literal reading of the bible in the face of all reason thing is not going to stop bugging me...

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