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Soooo much political stuff going on that I am not even going to try to address it in detail. Suffice to say NSA call info collection, definately illegal, Dick Chaney notes on the Joe Wilson column, smoking gun. Nothing of course will be done about any of these, since we have spent the last 5.5 years sliding into the darkest period of America's history

Next week, on the other hand, will be my last weekend with Kieran before he goes, which sucks. I am going to miss him so much. It's funny, but the changes that came about as a result of the divorce gave me a chance to become closer to both him and Ashley, and I am really glad that I took advantage of it. I just wish it wasn't going to end so quickly. I think I will have to see if it's okay with his dad if I come out for a few days during the summer to visit and show him all the really, really dorky places in Seattle, With all the tech companies out there they have awesome game and comic shops. Maybe I will check with Larry from Xigo and see if he knows anybody that could arrange a tour of Wizards of the Coast - that would kick ass.

I also just got a chapbook from Wil Wheaton (Blogger and TV's Ensign Wesly Crusher) that contains a few stories about his stepkids who are about Kieran's age - I hope that giving it to him will give him some perspective on how I feel about him, and what I want for him

So now, in closing, I am going to go to bed and read a book of essays about why intelligent design is stupid, which I already know. It just makes be feel better to know that other people agree.

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