Sexy, Sexy Sociopaths

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Why is it that the worst people are always the most attractive?

The first season of "Boston Legal" is out on DVD now, and I have, of course, Netflixed it. The first season is very different than the second, which I have been watching since my therapist recommended it. In the second season the characters all have some hidden level of depth, and frankly, nobility that is completely missing in the first season so far. There are no likable characters - no one that you can identify with, however briefly. They are all completely self-serving monsters, who will do whatever is required to win their case, even when they know the client is guilty.

I think that the show has lost something in the last year. Something that I didn't even know it had till now. Watching the early episodes I find that the characters were far more interesting when they lacked a moral compass. I assume this says something terrible about me; that and the fact that I want to grow up to be Alan Shore.

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