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U.S. Army recruiters in Portland have signed up an autistic 18-year-old who didn't know there was a war in Iraq until his parents told him about it.

Update: Okay, I can't resist just one comment - The standard for passing the Army entrance exam is getting 30% of the answers right?!?! They seem to have the normal grading scale turned around...normally the 70/30 split on grades is flipped the other way around - miss more than 30% and you fail.

With entrance standards like that, it makes me worried for the many capable people who are in the military - with their lives at stake they have to depend on people who couldn't even get 1 out of three answers right?

Here's a copy of some sample questions that the Army has up, just to give you an idea of what kind of difficulty we are taking about - you could not get out of middle school without getting 70% of these right.

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Oh God.....that's so scary

That's very sad...but not very surprising. CU Boulder had a Stupid People quota that they filled each year...in fact, the waiting list was thousands of names long.

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