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This weekend was devoted to working the land here at the plantation. Having become very tired of the dogs always being filthy from rolling around in the dirt, I decided it was time to do something about it. Being too lazy to actually, you know, maintain a yard, I decided that the optimal solution was to begin planting Scottish Moss in the backyard. It's hardy, ground-clinging (no mowing), able to stand up to foot traffic, and a pretty green color. It also hold water in pretty well so there is some chance that it might survive once it gets going. My hope is that it will spread quickly throughout the yard, choking out the native vegetation (weeds). Planting was fun - Kieran helped out, and the dogs assisted by digging up a couple of the little moss-pods so that they could be planted again, correctly.

I also planted an herb garden in one section of the backyard, with the hope that it will save me the trouble of buying them fromt he store, not using them in time, and then having to throw them out. We'll see how that goes...

All of this also led to a spurt of general yard maintenance - trimming back existing plants that were overgrown, planting some honeysucklye to climb around the porch and so on - nothing major, but I don't think anyone has done anything to the yard for about 70 years, so everything helps.

Next project is to make the landlord buy paint so I can start painting. I know they will cover interior paint, but I am hoping I can talk them into some exterior stuff too, since the exterior really needs it.

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