The Break Up Song

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First off, I am not a fan of Greg Kihn's music. The Break Up Song, Jeopardy, etc. are basic "We are a band that plays in bars and got lucky" music. They are worse than lots of bands, and infinitely better than the to-be-chewed-eternally-in-the-jaws-of-satan nightmare that is Huey Lewis and the News (bonus points if you get the reference and can tell me who they displace). I do however LOVE Greg Kihn's horror fiction, which has great characterization and manages to capture in prose the whole "cheap horror movie" vibe. Pick up "Horror Show" if you can find a used copy, or even better "Mojo Hand".

This post, however, has absolutely nothing to do with Greg Kihn. No, I just wanted to mention that "Truce" by Dresden Dolls is probably my favorite breakup song. It perfectly captures how I have felt about every breakup I have ever had (that I didn't initiate) - "Can't we just be honest about what happened before and how we felt then. This doesn't mean there is anything there now. Just that there once was. Now, can we please get on with breaking up? As long as you are acting like an idiot, and rewriting history to remove the good times, I am not really sure you are done yet, and well, I am. Can we end this and move on now? Also, you are the devil." It's like gangrene - I would really like to cut off the leg, because if it's not done soon I am going to die from sepsis.

The best song to represent the breakups that I did initiate is probably, I dunno, Tom Waits' "Pasties and a G-String".

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Oh Holy Crap! I just blasted coffee out of my nose when I read "pasties and a G-string!" that just made my fricken' day.
How do I get coffee out of a keyboard?

And that has made my day.

As for fixing the keyboard, that's a tough one. The best you can really do is to try rinsing it off with warm tap water and letting it air dry for a couple of days. Might work, or it might destroy the keyboard. It's pretty much a crap shoot.

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