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No real reason for posting. I still haven't finished editing together the little video snippets from the Dresden Dolls show, and I really don't have anythying else wort posting about. I just didn't want to let too much time go by without posting anything, because then people will assume that I am dead, search parties will be formed, and there is the possibility that would lead to the numerous shallow graves in my backyard being discovered.

This is just a rambling post about absolutely nothing. I have been super busy with work during the week, super busy over the weekends spending time with Kieran before he leave for Seattle in May, and because of this I really have not had time to do anything else.

I have also been spending time with my MP3 collection; not listening to it, just making sure that everything is tagged and correctly filed away. I guess that with the house in order I need something else to obsessively clean, and the music collection is always there as a potential time-sink. This leads me to the only useful portion of this post - check out the new Musicbrainz client - Picard. It's one of the best things I have seen for quickly organizing large collections and filling in missing metadata. The user interface takes a little getting used to, because it's album oriented, rather than song oriented, but once you get it, it works,.Combined with the the technology from MusicIP (which still doesn't work right) it may eventually provide a solution to quickly identifying those songs that you ripped from your friends mix CD that have no tags at all...

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