I Hope It Doesn't Show...It'll Go Away

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Reason #4845 that I love "Gilmore Girls" - I am pretty sure that no television show has ever had a pivotal moment sound tracked with Sparks. Pretty certain.

I promise that Dresden Dolls stuff is coming - they were awesome and all - I have a few seconds of video that features Amanda playing synth while her far larger and more interesting shadow moves wildly in the background.

Honestly, she the the most attractive woman ever - present company excluded, of course.

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I've found your homepage by looking desperately for a song I've heard at the end of a gilmore girls episode (season 6, episode 18). I starts with "I Hope It Doesn't Show...It'll Go Away" but who the artist of this song. Please help me or I get crazy;-)

Anna, I was just looking for this song too. It's "Angst in My Pants" by Sparks. Apparently the same Sparks who actually ends up singing a very different song on the show.

the reason you are awesome is that you have not only helped me to work out what the song from that GG episode is, but you also reference amanda freakin' palmer. 10 million internet points to you, sir.

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