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Why is it that all the bands the kids are listening to today, like Interpol and The Libertines, sound just like bands that I used to listen to 15 years ago? I mean really, Kitchens of Distinction were doing everything that Interpol does better back in 1990. While Interpol is certainly listenable, they don't have a single song as good at Kitchens of Distinction's "1000th Fault", and that's not even a terrific Kitchens of Distinction song.

At least this move towards commercialized versions of bands that I like means that there is the possibility that music is moving in a direction that's more interesting than what's been going on overall for the last 10 years. It's even possible that some of these new bands might grow up into something original and worth the praise that they are getting. I have to admit that even with the car wreck-like Pete Doherty at the helm the new Babyshambles album is a more interesting than most of the stuff from The Libertines. Though, what an unattractive group of people - like a spotty page out of the "Big Book of British Teeth".

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