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So, when Ashley got home tonight I ranted at her about all of the cool bands today being imitations of bands I was listening to 15-25 years ago. Her response? "Oh my god, have I made you listen to "The Bravery" yet?!".

It turns out that The Bravery is a band with makeup/hair/clothes just like Flock of Seagulls and a sound that combines old (when they were good) U2 and Flock of Seagulls.

Gah...I was/am so far ahead of my time. Too bad I'll be dead by the time my time does finally come. (Unless Connor Oberst is right (yes..a totally "With it" reference)).

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Edwin, you are the coolest person I know.

I think that probably speaks more to your isolation and lack of connection to your fellow humans than it does to my coolness.

I agree with your post. BTW, aren't they on U2's label?

Didn't the most original and interesting music come out of the 80s? I think so! I do hope Music will begin to become more unique and less a copy of other bands - there is hope- right?!

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