This Combines Two of my Favorite Things

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Gilles Trehin, an autistic 28 year old from south-east France, has documented an amazing city, Urville, that exists only in his mind. He has drawn hundreds of pictures of the city, mapped it in detail, and even written social and cultural histories.

Now, I am fascinated by 50's futurism (which some of his work recalls), and I am also fascinated by those that are differently-abled cognitively (You can't call someone that could do this disabled, he's just not like you and me; he might even be, in many ways, better than us) so I am incredibly happy to have found out about Gilles and Urville. I plan on ordering at least one of his prints as soon as I can figure out how to.

Naturally, I also can't stop thinking about St. Elsewhere...

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I read about that yesterday! Is that cool or what? I have a cool link for an autistic kid who played 4 minutes of high-school basketball and scored 20 points!

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