Sleep Paralysis Rules!

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I love it when I have a bout of sleep paralysis - that wierd state where you are partially awake, immobile and have dream-like hallucinations.

This morning, at what I believe was 5:40 or so I woke up, only to find that I couldn't move. I heard a toilet flush in the house, then the sounds of steps moving along the hall outside. Being the only person in the house, this seemed wierd, and kind of scary.

While I couldn't move, I could tell that someone had entered the room, and walked across to the bed. Still unable to move, I felt a tingling sensation as someone lay down next to me on the bed. Since I was close to the edge there wasn't any room and the prescence slipped down from the bed and moved under it.

I'm lying there in bed, unable to move, knowing that there is someone/thing under the bed, trying to force my body to move, to get up, to speak - to do anything. I feel like I am just on the verge of being able to move when suddenly hands reach up over the bottom edge of the bed, grabbing at the blankets and my feet. Suddenly I can move, and I am bolt upright in bed. The door is closed, there are no hands and my heart is racing. After a moment to settle down, even though I know it's dumb, I peek under the bed. Nothing. Whew.

I love it when stuff like this happens. Our brains are marvelous and wierd, wierd things.

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Or, maybe your new house is haunted. :)

Good God, that sounds scary as shit! Not that shit, in itself, is scary...but get what I mean. How awful. I have a terror of zombies doing that very same thing to me, so much so in fact, that I keep spare blankets under my bed for the simple reason that whilst they are there, nothing else can be......such as zombies.

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