Once is Fine...

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But once a week is a bad trend...

This morning I wake up at about 6:45. I am, of course, unable to move - lying on my back, arms at my sides. There is something in the room - not the dogs, who are lying in the bed, unaware of the menacing presence.

I realize that I am fully dressed, which is odd, because I am sure that I undressed before coming into bed. Despite this, I am fully dressed, laying in bed, unable to move and filled with dread. I realize that my wallet is in my right front pocket, and that it has quite a bit of cash in it, cash that I need. I can tell that whatever it is that is in the room is trying to reach into the pocket and get the wallet.

Understand - I'm not dreaming - I'm awake, I can see what is going on in the room, but at the same time, I KNOW there is something reaching into my pocket.

I struggle and strain to get up, to yell, to do anything. Finally, just as I think I can't try any harder, I am bolt upright in bed, undressed, and slightly terrified - my heart is racing. After a second I see my pants on the floor. Checking them the wallet, and all monies within it (which is, in reality not very much at all) are just fine.

I wonder how long/often this is going to happen? Will I eventually start to hallucinate alien abductions, or witches sitting on my chest, which are the classic sleep paralysis hallucinations?

With my luck, there is no way I am getting a succubus...

What's interesting to me is that, even though I know exactly what is going on, I still can't control the fear and associated responses. I mean, rationally I know exactly what is happening, even while it's happening, but I still get the physical and emotional fear response. I am also a little concerned that it's happened twice in two weeks, since the last time I can remember it happening is back in 1988. Have to do some research on sleep paralysis and Lunesta use...

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As a chronic Lunesta user myself, this stuff kinda scares me. I stopped taking Ambien because I lost all memory of the last hour before I went to sleep every night.I read that Ambien is showing up in a lot of tox screens for "falling asleep at the wheel" type car accidents now. People are "sleep driving" on the stuff and have no memory at all of doing so! I hate stuff like that. If I was to experience something like this it would scare me to pieces. I hope it stops, it sounds not so much fun.

I've been doing some research on my own, and as near as I can tell, Lunesta doesn't have sleep paralysis as a side effect - in fact, it's often prescribed to people with chronic sleep paralysis as a cure. So, hopefully it wil either just go away, or even better, I'll get more control of it and start lucid dreaming - that would rock! Milla Jovovich here I come!

The Ambien sleep driving thing is definately scary - I've heard all sorts of "I did it on ambian and I don't remember" stories. That was one of the reasons I asked my doctor about switching to Lunesta, which apparently takes longer to kock you out, but has fewer hypnotic side effects (like the sleep driving and sleep murdering your family).

I guess I'm the lucky one here. Sort of. I DO suffer from CHRONIC insomnia due to hyper brain activity. Had it all my life. I lay down and my damned head decides that's the best time to start calculating life, the universe and everything. This was one of the major factors that kept me drunk for so long. Fear over an inability to sleep.

I've been on Trazadone for the past hell, 6 years. Knocks me out, wake up feeling great. May be something for consideration.

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