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So, It seems that I now have a housemate. Ashley moved in this weekend. We got all of her big stuff moved in Saturday night, but she is still moving small stuff over from her mom's and settling in.

It will be nice to have someone else around the house, even though it's unlikely I will actually see her that much. She spends most of her time either working or out with friends, so I am guessng that I will see her at best a couple of hours a week. This whole thing will probably work out pretty well. Her mom was on her about not keeping her stuff neat, which isn't a big deal for me - as long as she keeps her stuff in the shared areas of the house neat I don't care what her room looks like, I'm not showing the house or anything like that. We also get along very well, so I'm hoping the whole thing will be pretty friction free, and it wil give her the opportunity to have a transition between straght "living at home" and the cruel, cold world of "living on your own".

It also might provide more justifcations for cooking!

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