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I went to go see the Bodyworks 2 exhibit up in Denver on Saturday, and all I can say is that it's amazing.

It works on (at least) two levels - there is the scientific "ah, so that's what we look like inside" aspect of it, but what I wasn't expecting was the artistry involved. The bodies, which has have been preserved through a process called "plastination" were, frankly, beautiful. I've always thought that the human body was beautiful, inside and out, but when you actually see it like this, with all of the parts and their relationships laid bare, it's an incredible experience. It reminded me, yet again, of how incredible it is that it all works together, and makes me even more awed that this is the result of billions of years of slow change and growth.

If you have a chance, it's worth seeing if you have the opportunity. I'm planning to see it again if I can.

Later that day I went with some friends to the Bluebird to see Matson Jones open for Enon. Matson Jones was amazing - two cellos, a bass, and a drummer. When you hear that, you assume they are going to be sort of fey and clever, like Rasputina, but no - they rocked. I am pretty sure that I have never seen a bass player shred a bowstring to pieces during a performance before.

Enon (who is, as it turns out is the band I thought it was - founded by the guy from the Brainiacs) was disappointing though - from the moment they stated their set and I recognized that the song was basically the riff from "Another One Bites The Dust" I couldn't get over the thought that it all sounded a little derivitive - familiar hooks, a male vocal that spent time at the "Hot Hot Heat" school of voice and a cute, but not magnetic female japanese lead singer.

All of it filtered through a Yo La Tengo hipster sieve...

We left halfway through their set.

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