Pretty Safe Neighborhood, I Guess

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So, I get home from my trip to see my parents a little while ago. I've been gone for a week, and, let's say, 12 hours. As background for this story, my front door has one of those deadbolts that automatically locks when you close the door, unless you move a little switch-thingee before you close the door.

When I get home tonight, there are two flyers, and a set of phonebooks sitting in front of my door, the screen door is closed, and the actual door behind it is open about a foot or so. I panic, thinking that someone has broken into the house. After checking for broken chairs (none), pilfered porridge (also none) and golden-locked girls sleeping in my bed (also, unfortunately, none) I realize that when I left last week the little switchie-thing was tripped, causing the door not to lock. So, for the last week my front door has been unlocked, and for an unkown portion of that, the front door was actually open, and several people came right up to the front door and left stuff.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that I must live in a pretty safe neighborhood for that to happen. Of course, this also means that I need to change the lock, since if I could to this for a week, it means that it could happen anytime I leave, and well, I don't want to that to happen if I have the dogs - they would almost certainly be able to bust through the screen door and escape.

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