A Good Weekend

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Just had a pretty good weekend. I'm not in Harrison anymore (always good), the audit seemed to go very well, and fun was had the rest of the weekend. I had the dogs most of the weekend, which always makes me happy, and Kieran was over for practically two days. Saturday we went to Kirstin's babyshower, which I assumed he would be bored with, but no he had a great time, and really didn't want it to end. We went out and had dinner with a few folks afterwards and he was asking if we were going to go home, or if we could all hang out some more together. I have to try to arrange for more group gatherings over at my house in the future for him. It was amusing too because he's grown so much just since mid-summer that a few people how haven't seen him in a bit didn't recognize. Since I see him every week I guess I don't notice it as much...

Today we went to the zoo, which was great, even though we both had aching legs afterwards. Kieran is interested in volunteering (following in his sister's footsteps), so we figured we would go scope it out. I guess I'll talk to his mom about it and see if it's okay for me to help him apply. Every time we were looking at an animal, he would scope out the droppings and say "Oh yeah, I can clean that up".

So, yeah, over all just a really nice weekend, with perfectly normal stuff that made me happy. I even beat Kieran in one (out of many) rounds of Extreme-G racing. This will probably never happen again.

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