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A New Project

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So, today while driving to the therapist I have decided on my next big project. It's up there with the biggest projects I have taken on, and I honestly can't say that I will go anywhere with it. I have always thought I had a book in me, and if I do, this is pretty sure to be it.

Nothing more, or I will jinx it. The historical research has begun though.

Ring Finger II

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It's funny that I don't even bother to mark these posts as "More Personal Than Usual" anymore. The deviation has finally become the norm.

In any case, I wwas randomly playing songs while lying in bed longing for the release of sleep when NIN's "Ringfinger" popped up on the playlist for the first time in like two months (The last "Ringfinger" post). Sad to say, I checked, and the damned thing is still there. It's been what, October...December...March...Five MONTHS now and the damned thing is still visible.

I wonder if it's just waiting till things get all settled? I mean, really, they are settled enough for me, for God's sake (note that taking the lord's name in vain is not an endorsement or any kind of indication of belief).

Bursting Into Song

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Oddly, I have recently found myself bursting into song. Unfortunately, the song is frequently "Bad Habit" by the Dresden Dolls - a song about the things that we do, and the pain that we inflict, to ourselves in order to avoid having to actually just be happy. Odd because I am probably doing fewer of those things now that at any point that I can actually remember.

It's really catchy though, which I guess could account for some of it.

A Good Weekend

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Just had a pretty good weekend. I'm not in Harrison anymore (always good), the audit seemed to go very well, and fun was had the rest of the weekend. I had the dogs most of the weekend, which always makes me happy, and Kieran was over for practically two days. Saturday we went to Kirstin's babyshower, which I assumed he would be bored with, but no he had a great time, and really didn't want it to end. We went out and had dinner with a few folks afterwards and he was asking if we were going to go home, or if we could all hang out some more together. I have to try to arrange for more group gatherings over at my house in the future for him. It was amusing too because he's grown so much just since mid-summer that a few people how haven't seen him in a bit didn't recognize. Since I see him every week I guess I don't notice it as much...

Today we went to the zoo, which was great, even though we both had aching legs afterwards. Kieran is interested in volunteering (following in his sister's footsteps), so we figured we would go scope it out. I guess I'll talk to his mom about it and see if it's okay for me to help him apply. Every time we were looking at an animal, he would scope out the droppings and say "Oh yeah, I can clean that up".

So, yeah, over all just a really nice weekend, with perfectly normal stuff that made me happy. I even beat Kieran in one (out of many) rounds of Extreme-G racing. This will probably never happen again.

I don't know...

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How I feel about this. I went by the pound today on the way home from the airport. The kitty was picked up by it's owners on the 20th (a day after I brought it in).

Going to the pound always makes me sad. Today there was this adorable little girl there with her mom. She said "Mommy I want to take them all home with me". That is kind of how I feel whenver I go in there. There were so many doggies and (yes, now that I am paying attention to them) kitties that I wish I could save. But honestly, I would rescue the pit bulls and the boxers if I couldn't do anything else - they are all so sweet looking.

I Cannot Recommend...

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...the book "The Psycho Ex Game" highly enough. One of the most fun books that I have read in a while. I purchased it on a lark when I noticed it on the shelf beside something I was looking for. I met Andy Prieboy back in 1984 when I was "working" in radio, so it caught my eye. Despite the "Fiction" label, it's pretty obviously based on his life (He was the lead singer for "Wall of Voodoo" after Stan Ridgeway left the band - talk about a hard act to follow), and Merrill Markoe's relationship with David Lettermen. It strikes home in a lot of ways, and chapters 47-49 pretty much exactly describe my last four months. Surprisingly, those chapters having nothing to do with the the Psycho Ex Game of the title.

Exile on Mainstreet/Cats

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So, I am, once again, trapped in Harrison AR, where the KKK is listed in the phonebook. Needless to say this is not one of those fun "Oh I had a great time, and I got a great haircut" trips like I used to have to New York (every six weeks).

No, this is real work - both on and off the clock.

Had an exciting weekend though. On Saturday Kieran came over to visit and we had a fun time playing video games and talking about stuff. A little after six I went out to the car to get the dog's bowls from the back. It's about 5 degrees outside, and from under the car I hear this pathetic "merrrrooooow". It's a kitty cat. I pay very little attention to it, but it follows me. I open the door to the house, telling the dogs to stay back. They don't, of course and rush out to meet the kitty. Things look okay and sniffy for a second, then they go nuts. Kieran and I manage, finally, to pull them off the poor cat and get them inside. I assume the cat must be messed up.

Turns out, there is not a scratch on it, though Pumpkin later turned out to have a cat claw stuck near his mouth.

About 45 minutes later I go out to get some food for dinner. The cat is still on the front porch, and looking very sad. I go over to check on it. It's freezing to death. Literally. There is ice on it's coat and at least one of it's paws is ice-cold, and I am thinking "frostbite". I gather it up telling it I will take care of it (I am VERY allergic to cats). I put it in the car with me and go to get the food for me and Kieran - the whole way there it sits in my lap and goes "MROOOW!" every few seconds. I feel bad.

After getting the people food, I stop by the pet store and buy some cat food, and ask about cat rescue places. I get a number, and head home.

Once I get home, I set aside the human food and take a dish of water and a bowl of the cat food upstairs. I figured, weak cat, get wet, easy to eat food. God that stuff smells bad. Hold the cat way up high as I walk in to the house. Dogs are interested, but not nuts. They look at it with suspicion, but no specific ill-will. Get the kitty set up in a warm closet upstairs, and it starts to scarf down food like it's starving - it probably is.

After giving it a little while to settle down, I take it downstairs where it sits with me for a bit, till Kitsune gets too close and it starts to hiss. I figure better to avoid conflict, and take it upstairs and put it in the closet again.

At this point, my eyes are itchy, my skin is itchy, and I take a benzedrine, which seems to help. Kitty sleeps, I sleep, dogs sleep. Kieran stays up playing video games.

In the morning I try the rescue place again, still no answer. Since I am leaving town, Kieran and I have no choice but to take the kitty to the SPCA, to await it's death sentence.

I know that when I get back I am going to check on the kitty. If it's still there (one day before execution) I know that I will have to pick it up and find someway to take care of it, whether that means keeping it of getting it to a rescue place that doesn't euthanize.

Funny, if my dogs hadn't tried to kill it, that kitty would probably have frozen to death last night. Also funny, I think that with a little care the dogs will get along just fine with the kitty, who is old, and I think will be named something like "Mittens" or "Scurvy McScrufferson". No doubt past relations will be pissed off that I have a cat, when I said for years I could not because of allergies. Well, that is still true, but I never had to save and take care of one before. And well, that's what I do. Better it's a cat than a relationship.

God I am a softy.

Pretty Safe Neighborhood, I Guess

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So, I get home from my trip to see my parents a little while ago. I've been gone for a week, and, let's say, 12 hours. As background for this story, my front door has one of those deadbolts that automatically locks when you close the door, unless you move a little switch-thingee before you close the door.

When I get home tonight, there are two flyers, and a set of phonebooks sitting in front of my door, the screen door is closed, and the actual door behind it is open about a foot or so. I panic, thinking that someone has broken into the house. After checking for broken chairs (none), pilfered porridge (also none) and golden-locked girls sleeping in my bed (also, unfortunately, none) I realize that when I left last week the little switchie-thing was tripped, causing the door not to lock. So, for the last week my front door has been unlocked, and for an unkown portion of that, the front door was actually open, and several people came right up to the front door and left stuff.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that I must live in a pretty safe neighborhood for that to happen. Of course, this also means that I need to change the lock, since if I could to this for a week, it means that it could happen anytime I leave, and well, I don't want to that to happen if I have the dogs - they would almost certainly be able to bust through the screen door and escape.

Vegas Baby!

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Just so that no one worries that I have died or anything, wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be visiting my parents this week, without much access to email. Cellphone seems to work okay though.

Raised by Chickens

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Buckethead rocks my world. I think I am going to figure out some way to wire up the house so that "Colma" is always playing softly in the background.

I suppose though, that it would be easier and more efficient just to figure out some way to constantly play Buckethead directly into the hearing centers of my brain.

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