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Just finished reading Charles Stross' book "Accelerando, wherein he posits that within my lifetime humankind will hit the point of singularity - basically the point of techological development where events that happen after that time could not have been forecast by any agency from before that time - the point where we can do things like upload minds into computers, live in simulated worlds, convert regular old dumb matter into atomic or subatomic level computers, and each carry around about a trillion times the computing power of the entire world in 2005 on our person, if you decided that you wanted to waste time actually having a body.

Excellent book, and actually not as crazy as you might think. For the last ten years I've thought there there was at least the possibility that I might have been born just in time to catch the cusp of that level of technology, and then be able to hang around through whatever followed, even if it was just as software. It's an interesting idea, and one that I find myself strangely comfortable with. I mean, I like my body okay and everything, but I don't really feel any need to actually, you know, have it exist in real-space, I would be just as happy, or maybe even more happy, with a good simulation of it running on a really fast computer.

I wonder if it means there is something wrong with me that I really don't feel like I would have any problem with that. In fact, I think that it gives you a lot more options. Weird that I would have such reservations about things like anti-depressents, but I could totally see myself having my personality uploaded to a computer.

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