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That I was Luke, but it turns out that I am just Kirk.

If you know what I am talking about, then, well, you know what I am talking about.

If you don't, then, I can't even begin to explain.

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Ian and Merritt think you were refering to your commradery with Luke Duke, but the Hazzard county creepers drove ya off to space where you drove a spaceship called "KIT" and had a mullet and called yourself 'Quick draw "Kirk"'.
Are we close? Eh????

Actually, this post is about an intersection of my current circumstance and my (tween-ish) love for Gilmore Girls that would probably be understood by like one person that I know, and I am pretty sure that she doesn't read my blog.

Speaking of which - what are the two of you doing reading my blog? My slow descent into madness and eventual (televised) demise are intended for mature audiences, and I am relatively sure that niether of you qualify.

How are you doing, any way? I really had no idea that you read this.

Isn't Luke Duke like, Superman's dad on Smallville or something now?

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