Bad Dogs

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I have very, very bad dogs.

There are some peoiple over today doing some work on the house, so I put the dogs in the backyard to keep them out of the way. Within less than an hour, Pumpkin had managed to bash through enough of the fence to get through the gap and excape, followed closely by Kitsune. Luckily, I realized what had happened right away, and got them inside before they had a chance to play in traffic. They are now securely locked up in the top half of the house.

I guess the dogs are inside dogs until I can figure out the best way to reinforce the lower parts of all the fencing.

Bad, bad dogs.

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Chicken wire staple gunned to the whole outside lower part of the fence will work. You can even double it up so that the Houdini's can't tunnel through it. They are bad dogs.I have a staple gun and staples if you need that.

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