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I've just discovered that the Recycle City website has been translated into Japanese and is hosted here. In a wonderful bit of engrish, the name has been changed to Recycling City.


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I don't usually post links to quizzes or tests, because, well, most of the things on the Internet are stupid and I don't really need to know which "Star Wars" character I most resemble.

However, I am going to post this one, since it', like, real scientifical

Harvard has on online set of Implicit Association Tests - which you can take here. The tests are designed to measure bias in your opinions about things like race, skin color, gender roles, and other things like that.

Supposedly, it's pretty accurate. My results on the couple that I have taken were revealing, and will require some introspection on my part. I assumed that I would have a slight preference towards lighter skin (Hey it was only slight - I feel relieved!), but I was little surprised to find that I associate careers with men and family with women.


The Rapture of the Nerds

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Going back to my post on not minding not being human, Charles Stross has put together a hilarious guide to Singularity fiction idioms and tropes that makes fun of nerds, gamers, fantasy authors, and of course, people who write Singularity Fiction. It's totally worth checking out just for the monster stats.


My Electric Lover

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You know how it is when you have a new lover, and you have just started sleeping together? How, in the morning you have a hard time getting yourself out of bed, because it's just so nice to lay there next to them feeling warm and wonderful. I've always thought that was a great and a one-of-a-kind feeling. You can't even duplicate it later in a relationship - it only feels like that at the start, before other things start to get in the way and mess everything up.

Turns out, I was wrong. It's not a one of a kind feeling.

Sleeping alone, and what with my advanced age and poor circulation, I've been finding that no matter how warm the room is, my legs get cold while I'm asleep. Really cold, enough to wake me up on a few occasions recently.

To combat this, I decided to buy an electric blanket, and set it up so that it only covers the lower half of the bed.

Turns out that this is not only an excellent way to combat cold legs, but it also recreates that wonderful, drowsy I don't want to get out of bed feeling described above. I find that I have to set my alarm clock to wake me up earlier in order to compensate for the extra ten or fifteen minutes it takes me to get out of bed. On weekends, when I have been getting up at 7:00am and getting out of bed, I now find that I can easily stay in bed and drift off until 10:00, which I haven't done in ages. It's also very easy to just spend a weekend day in bed reading, while not bothering to turn on the heat (which probably saves money!).

Ah, my electric lover. You will always be there for me, and will never betray me...unless I spill a drink in the bed, in which case you will electrocute me without the slightest hesitation. Why is it that all of my relationships seem to have that dynamic?

Another Lost Opportunity

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Sigh - For the last three years I've been looking for retro-futuristic prints for the living room at the old house (it was going be be "The Future That Never Was" themed) with very little luck. Now that it's too late, I find a place that has great stuff. Check out this...and this...and this...oh, and this!

Ah well. I can still get this to put in the kitchen of my new place - it goes with any decor.

Wishful Thinking

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Just finished reading Charles Stross' book "Accelerando, wherein he posits that within my lifetime humankind will hit the point of singularity - basically the point of techological development where events that happen after that time could not have been forecast by any agency from before that time - the point where we can do things like upload minds into computers, live in simulated worlds, convert regular old dumb matter into atomic or subatomic level computers, and each carry around about a trillion times the computing power of the entire world in 2005 on our person, if you decided that you wanted to waste time actually having a body.

Excellent book, and actually not as crazy as you might think. For the last ten years I've thought there there was at least the possibility that I might have been born just in time to catch the cusp of that level of technology, and then be able to hang around through whatever followed, even if it was just as software. It's an interesting idea, and one that I find myself strangely comfortable with. I mean, I like my body okay and everything, but I don't really feel any need to actually, you know, have it exist in real-space, I would be just as happy, or maybe even more happy, with a good simulation of it running on a really fast computer.

I wonder if it means there is something wrong with me that I really don't feel like I would have any problem with that. In fact, I think that it gives you a lot more options. Weird that I would have such reservations about things like anti-depressents, but I could totally see myself having my personality uploaded to a computer.

Out With The Old...

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...and in with the blue!

I dyed my hair the other day after getting it butchered short (really short). It's supposed to be black, but I guess the grey doesn't take the color as well, so under any kind of light it's pretty blue - kind of "Superman hair" blue.

I'm deciding now whether to do anything to fix it or not - everyone that has commented on it has commented positively, even at work. Then again, I am not the sort of person that has blue hair. It's a quandry.

Maybe I will just route around the whole question and shave my head...no really, maybe I will - it's not that far a step from where it is now.

I Really Don't Care...

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Who did what to who, or anything like that.

All I know is that, no matter what happens between us...she should have been on the show, and she would have kicked Santino's ass six ways to Sunday.

I am not saying she's right (she isn't), just that she is better than any of those people. I mean, really...haven't you ever heard of Rogaine?

Jeff Buckley & Isolde

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So, am I the only person that thinks he has to do a Jeff Buckley Bio-pic?

So glad to see the story getting made into a movie though, since it is the one love story in Mallory where everyone is not a jerk (2 people are, however). Ah, Lancelot, you dick.

I Thought...

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That I was Luke, but it turns out that I am just Kirk.

If you know what I am talking about, then, well, you know what I am talking about.

If you don't, then, I can't even begin to explain.

Bad Dogs

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I have very, very bad dogs.

There are some peoiple over today doing some work on the house, so I put the dogs in the backyard to keep them out of the way. Within less than an hour, Pumpkin had managed to bash through enough of the fence to get through the gap and excape, followed closely by Kitsune. Luckily, I realized what had happened right away, and got them inside before they had a chance to play in traffic. They are now securely locked up in the top half of the house.

I guess the dogs are inside dogs until I can figure out the best way to reinforce the lower parts of all the fencing.

Bad, bad dogs.

Sir Sexbomb

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Tom Jones has been knighted. There is still some hope for England if they keep this sort of thing up

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