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So, the dogs are having their first visit over to the new house. They are adorably stupid - they spent the first half hour over exploring the house, then after forgetting everything they had previously found, exploring it all over again.

Then they would not sit still for about an hour - just when it seemed like they might settle down, they would start chasing their tails before going exploring again.

They seem to be okay now - they have figured out that the couch is a couch, and that they can sit on it, and they know where the water bowl is. Right now Pumpkin is laying on the bed looking at me while Kitsune is lying on the floor just in front of him, also staring at me like an idiot.

The biggest excitement tonight was when my daughter came over to borrow my car to remove some stuff from her ex-boyfriends house. She got the tour and saw the Roomba my parents got me for christmas. Of course, it had to be turned on...the dogs had neve seen it before and went nuts. Pumpkin is, of course, afaid of it, while Kitsune is pissed off at it and won't stop barking. I'm suire that given time they will all become fast friends and the dogs will probably learn how to punch the button that turns it on so that they can play with it when I am gone.

Dogs are not here permanently yet - they are visiting for the weekend since my ex is going to be gone. It's nice to have them around though.

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Any pics of the house?

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