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I am officially a Netizen today. Yes, yes, I have had a web site and my own domains since 1993, yes, it's true that I had a shell account even before that. It's true that I was a member of the first affiliate program ever offered, am a member of the EFF, and was a member of the Internet Society. But today I went farther than I ever thought possible.

My therapist is now reading my blog during our sessions and asking my questions about things that I have posted. Now, there are some interesting things there to probe certainly. For example, in my post on Gilmore Girls I specifically mentioned the hot single mom character. Now, I have only dated two single moms in my life, and I married both of them. Interesting, and we will no doubt get into that in the next session.

It also led to questions about why I write this thing. This was brought up because I found out yesterday that I have one more reader than I thought I did, leading my therapist to ask whether or not this person - we will call them "Reader A" (un-indicted, obviously) - was the intended audience for some of the posts. An interesting question, and one that I had not really thought about before.

Obviously before August that was not the case. At that time anything I needed to communicate I could just tell her, and most of the stuff that is on the blog was political, whether regular politics or net/digital rights related, or just general geeking out, like the DVR building series. Right around September though, when the posts began to get more personal, there was, I think some intention of writing for "Reader A". In my mind that stopped in October. What I am writing here now I am writing for myself for the most part, with some stuff just because it might be interesting to several friends spread across the country, or maybe my parents, who I don't call often enough, and who I suspect read this website on occasion (there was the package they sent about how to leave instructions in case I go into a coma that arrived shortly after my Terri Schiavo post months ago...).

So in summary, I don't feel like I am writing for anyone other than myself. I don't mind that anybody reads this - if did, I wouldn't be posting it in public like this. But there aren't any hidden meanings, agendas, or anything other than my working through things that are in my head by writing about them, which I've discovered is helpful to me. I guess it's even more helpful to me now that my therapist is able to go through the things that I write and quiz me on them. I know there have been books written by psychologists attempting to analyze historical figures from their memoirs and letters, but it's kind of strange though to have it happen to me, while I'm still alive and able to answer questions...

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