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So...Gilmore Girls just keeps delivering. Not only is Adam Brody (see my obession with "The O.C.") in the third season (the season before his breakout first season of "The O.C.".). but, while watching the fourth season I find out that Chis Eigeman (you know, from Meteropolitan and Barcelona) is a major character...I LOVE HIM. He's like my fourth favorite person in the world. There was even a hologram reference (he was in the pilot for the American version of Red Dwarf). And Sebastian Bach is on the the show - how wierd is that?


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Why is there an American version of Red Dwarf? Was there something wrong with the British version?

Well, it was really just an unaired pilot, indicating that there was probably nothing wrong with the British version and it was a stupid idea to even try making an american version. Red Dwarf was such a British show that I really can't even imagine how they would Americanize it...

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