Adventures in Television Part 5

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Ah...I am weak. After having buiilding my own PVR as my big project for the last year, I have given myself over to the darkside. I signed up for Adelphia cable, including their Moxie-based DVR/setop box. There are a ton of things I don't like about it (like the tiny hard disk - 7 hours of HD content fills it up!?!?) but it's easy, and it reduces the complexity, something I have been trying to make myself do lately. Instead of a computer, two external digitizers, two satellite boxes, and a stereo reciever I now just have the one box. It has also removed something like 16 cables from behind the television. Yes, the hard disk is tiny, yes the interface is occasionally irritating, nop, I cannot use it to play music and downloaded video from the internet, yes, it's not very geek-macho, but it's simple. I'm trying to learn to like simple.

I don't know what I am going to do with the hardware - I'm thinking that I will build Ash a computer of her own to have when/if she gets a place of her own.

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