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So, last night was terrible. The anxiety and depression are getting worse, not better. I don't know if this is a side effect of the medications, or if it's just that I am anxious and depressed, but last night was the worst that I have had.
Just very bleak and hopeless. The good thing is that I am paying close attention to how I feel, so no matter how awful I feel I am analyzing what's going on and thinking about what is making me feel like that and what I might be able to do about it. The bad thing is that I still feel awful.

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Hi Ed... sorry to hear that the depression/anxiety isn't getting better. Give me a call because I have some helpful things you can do to deal with the anxiety until the meds kick in. Anyhow, I found this ad in the Independent for volunteering:
Urban Peak, volunteers needed to serve as role models who create a safe haven for homeless youth. Nonjudgmental individuals needed to play games, cook meals, facilitate activities, listen and encourage. Volunteers need to be over 21 and submit to a background screening and training process. Call Karen or Renae at xxx-xxxx for more. I thought this might be something you'd like to get into. The Urban Peak in denver is a pretty good organization and I'd aaume it is down here too. Take care, Kristin
p.s. if you don't feel like talking, go get a copy of the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. This is an excellent book for helping to deal with's probably the best out there.

Thanks Kristin - I could probably use some help with how to deal with this stuff, I'm not normally anxious, so I have no real coping mechanism in place.

I think I am going to be holding off on the volunteering thing for at least a month or so while I try to get my emotional state sorted out. Once that's done I can think about helping somebody else...

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