The Biggest Girl in All of Girlsylvania

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So, I am now completely caught up on The O.C., have also watched every episode that was ever actuallly released of Wonderfalls (aye...they cancelled ye too soon).

My latest obession, I am sorry to say, is Gilmore Girls. A friend of mine mentioned back in 2000 that she was watching this instead of Buffy, which, of course, caused me to scorn her. I regret this now. I downloaded the first season, and I am now about 7 episodes through it, and it is, like most things that I assume I won't like and eventually end up watching, absolutely amazing.

I love shows that focus on family dynamics, and things that have really cute single moms in them are even better. Not sure exactly what it is about that (must talk to therapist about it), but lord I love this show now. To top it all off, the grandfather is played by the head vampire from Lost Boys!

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