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This weekend went pretty well. I'm feeling pretty good, and starting to think about "new life" things. I am also still compulsively watching saved episodes of "The O.C.", but at least I am not eating cartons of ice cream while doing so. Overall, the terror-level is at green, whch puts me in a much better state than my nation.

Felt a little crappy on Sunday, which led to a marathon nap and caused me to miss a social engagement, but it was probably worth it to get the rest.

One big concern has come up that I was not planning on - Ash has moved back in with her mom, negating my backup plan for the dogs - I was hoping that they would be able to stay with her during the time between selling the house and me getting into a new place with room for them. I suppose that if it comes right down to it I can kennel them for a couple of weeks, though I hate the thought of doing that to them. Gosh I miss those dogs.

Oh, and my free WIFI that I was snarfing has vanished without a trace, leaving me connectionless at home until Adelphia get's their act together and activiates my service. Expect slow responses to emails until then...

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Hey Ed, we may be able to keep the doggies if you need us to.

Thanks Kristin - I appreciate it. I'm just not sure that I trust their ability tow work and play well with others (Anya & the cats, not you two).

It also depends on when the house sells - if it's still not sold by the end of december then I will probably be into another place by then anyway.

Hey Ed, I had another thought... my sister would probably be willing to have them if it came down to that. It would mean they'd be up in Denver for awhile, but at least they'd have a place to stay. We'll help ya however we can though.

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