Quicklime...CHECK...Crawlspace...need a crawlspace...

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So...I'm looking for a house now...need to find one witt a crawlspace. I have a bag of quicklime, so that's taken care of, but I need someplace for it to work it's magic...

Okay, not really. It's worse than that (yes, worse than deciding that becoming a serial killer is my next growth phase) - my therapist apparently reads my blog (hence the above, macabre sense of humour and all). It didn't occur to me to ask whether or not I mentioned it (I think I did) or if she just Googled me (I am the top result for Edwin Gore & Ed Gore - take that guy in a band with my name!!! I probably should not be applying for any jobs soon...)

I got busted today because, according to her I am more open on my blog than I am in therapy. I'm not sure why that is, since, after all, any and everyone in the world can read this; and I trust her. I think the reasons are two-fold, though I am likely to be wrong. One reason is that every time I have been in any sort of therapy in the past it was with someone else, and that person was the one I was talking to, with the therapist acting as mediator. With just me and her there, I am not sure what I should be doing. I have never worked on things where I was talking just to me (with someone else mediating...).

The other thing is that here I have more time. It can take half an hour or longer to come up with an entry - I can edit things, rewrite things, figure out exactly what it is that I am feeling. Also, I control the conversation...I don't have to write about anything that I don't want to write about; and there are things I will never write about here (serial killing is not one of those - I could write for days about that).

That whole control thing. I think that there is something to that.

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