Officially Freaked Out

| No Comments | No TrackBacks tonight I rearranged my room so that I could take advantage of the free cable TV (which of course involves far more technology than it should - I don't have a TV, need to do it through the computer, and of course set it up so that I can record stuff).

But anyway, after re-arranging the room, I realized that all I need is a set of shelves and some theatre seats (I think I can still get those) and my room will be in the EXACT same arrangement that it was between 1987 and 1989 while I was living with Marcus. Bed in same place, computer in same place. If I add the two other items, it will be identical.

Weird. Really, really weird. Maybe this means I should start bringing girls home and talking at them while playing Bauhaus louder than you really should at 3:00am.

Need a French apt. mate to ignore also...

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