Nothing to Report (That's a Good Thing)

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I haven't posted anything the last couple of days because there really hasn't been anything to post. Things have been going pretty well, I feel pretty good, and that's really all there is to it. I feel fine.

My therapist is actualy talking about winding things down, unless I have something else specific I want to work on - think I might want to work on getting better at noticing unusual attachments in the future...

Other than that, nothing to really say. I've been reading, watching saved TV ( I am now completely caught up on The O.C., and watched all the Wonderfalls episodes that were made), and starting to look for more permanent quarters; the room with shared bath and kitchen thing is just not working with the ladies (okay there are no ladies, really I just need a place to put my dogs).

Oh, and on the whole The O.C. and Wonderfalls thing; are there any other good shows that I missed over the last couple of years I should be catching up on?

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