Moving Days

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After the move three years ago, I had promised myself that I was never going to move again (knowing, of course that I would because no one was very happy about the move out to Colorado Springs). Now I find myself moving again for the second time in two months. The little room thing is just not cutting it, and I need a place where I can have a feeling of stability for at least a year while I figure out what the longer-term plan is going to be (this place being the place that I mentioned in the recent post - lease signing is today).

This post is not so much about places to live though as it is about how much I hate the act of moving. I really, really don't like having to pack up stuff, load it up, move it and then unpack it. It's tedious, it always takes longer than you think it's going to, and you have to find new places to put everything once you have unpacked it.

It's also going to be interesting living alone - I haven't done that in, like, 18 years. I've always either had roomates or a family since then. I think, given the last month, that I will do just fine - I've been enjoying living alone since I got over the whole "oh my god I'm devastated" thing about a month ago, and I think that having an actual home is going to make it even better. Not sure when the dogs will move in, but between them and the fact that I can actually have company come over once I am not in a 10 x 10 room will probably provide enough companionship for the short term. Long term there is always the possibility of getting roomates (the place is plenty big), but there is no pressing need to, so I can take the time to actually decide what I want to do.

Which, really, is not a bad situation to be in.

What do you know, the post did turn out to be more about places to live than about how much I hate moving.

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Congratulations on your new house. I bet the doggies will love it! It sounds like things are going much better which is good to hear. Take care...we can't wait to see your new place!

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