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I continue to have no idea whether it's the medication, or just me, but I feel great. Not like manic, excited great, but you know, just great. Very happy with myself, and with what is going on; still not what I would have chosen, but I am fine with it now and can see how, given the circumstance, my life is going to be better than it was before the breakup.

I feel like I am in control of my life again, and like I am making good decisions about how to move forward. It doesn't feel like I'm racing out of control down a hill to cliff, or anything. I just feel good about everything.

While it may be partially the medication, I think it's also something that happened a little over a week ago that gave me some real insight into how things would be better. Ask me about it if you are interested.

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Hey Ed, it was good to see you after so long! Get ready for Christmakuh with the Gearhart-Hillman's. I'm also happy to hear that you're doing better...what was your epiphany about? I think I might need one of those.

It was good to see you on Sunday, and I am glad that you are feeling better about things.I am interested to know what happened to make you feel better....and if it's contagious....I need some of that "feel better about things" bug.

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