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These two words very nicely describe the house that I am trying to rent. It's a "slightly larger than I wanted" victorian down on Cheyenne. More space than I need, but it has a private yard and a way for the dogs to get in and out on their own, which is my biggest concern. There is enough room that I could easily accomodate a roomate or two and end up paying less than I am for the single room that I am in now. Plus, it's all victorian and cool-looking inside.

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Ex-cellent. Victorian in Cheyenne-- was it once a house of Ill-Repute?

Actually, my first thought was, hmm... a larger-than-you-need Victorian house with an automatic mechanism for you to "release the hounds"...Is there enough room for my Maibu Stacy collection?

Jean and I have been looking at Monty-Burns styled houses out here on the east coast just for fun. It's amazing what you can get in Connecticut(http://presscuozzo.mlsb.com/mls/detail.cfm?cid=1323&list_numb=N235019&list=17&type=SFR) for the price of a shack in San Francisco.

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