Better, Not Good, Just Better

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Black void receding somewhat - things are still crappy and all, but at least it's not looming over me every minute of the day. I can function, without having to exert a huge amount of effort for very little return. It's down to the point where I just don't care about doing anything, but it's not hard to do something, if I really have to. Yes, in my current world, this is what were are calling "new and improved"; next week, I will add lemony-freshness.

Hopefully this rollercoasting up and down will smooth out soon, because I really don't want to go through anything as bad as the last four days again.

Last night was spent briefly chatting to Will and then sitting in bed watching downloaded Colbert Reports (which, unfortunately is not that great a show...) until it was late enough to knock myself out with a Lunesta (9:00). The problem, of course with doing this is that I wake up 8 hours later at 5:00 and lay in bed for almost two hours listening to the other people in the building get up and take their showers. Not very entertaining, but can't be bothered to actually get out of bed.

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