Strength in Adversity?

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Ah well, so sue me, I can't stay content-free for more than a day.

Yesterday I was taken aside at work by my former boss. Oh great, I'm thinking, what have I done wrong now? Turns out that what he wanted to do was make sure that I was aware that executive management was complimenting me lately, saying that I was doing a great job and that a VP had called me an exceptional performer, highlighting the excellent work that I had been doing over the last month in particular. Ha, ha, ha! The last month!

I guess it's true that you can sublimate and re-direct your issues, problems, etc and turn that into something valuable to someone, if not particularly to yourself.

What I would really like is the opportunity to direct all that energy into working on the things that actually matter to me, but I really don't have the ability to do that on my own. It's not an opportunity that I can create on my own, so I guess I will continue to kick ass at work for a while.

I promise that tomorrow I will write something really, really superficial, like a review of Serenity or something.

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