Spectacularly Normal

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Today I have felt perfectly normal - which is to say, bored and a little depressed. But this is much better than feeling like I am somebody else watching myself.

Stuff at work is settling down (though the bastards in Memphis have scheduled a bunch of meetings every Monday through CHristmas at 6:30AM mountain time) so I have actually been able to relax a little today.

Since there is no way I am going to be able to afford the Xbox 360 I had reserved at Gamestop I went in today and cancelled it. SPent the credit on a copy of the all new, all 3-D Civilization 4, which, of course, plays just about exactly like Civ 3, but in 3D....oooooohhhhh!

Right now I am helping a neighbor get his internet connection working before I go visit Kieran. Windows 98 - ick.

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