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Over the weekend I started my big push on the cult project. I started leaving posters and flyers anywhere that I could get away with it. But I need the help of people in Colorado Springs. I have put flyers out at the Cafe on Tejon, and at all the Independant Records, and I put posters up at Poor Richards, but I need more locations where I can drop stuff off. If you know of anyplace in Colorado Springs that will let people put up small posters or leave a stack of flyers, please let me know so I can drop some off.

I am interested to see what if any response I get from far a lot of flyers have been taken, but no emails or anything yet.

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Gimmee some of them. I will put one in everyone's bag when they buy something from me. I love this.....I am curious to see what becomes of it. I will also talk to Noel Black, the publisher of The Toilet Paper, maybe an interview with a local cult leader would be an awesome piece for his rag.

I'll print up a batch tomorrow - When no one is looking at work.

I don't know that I can deal with an interview - the whole Shinra things is the result of careful consideration - I don't know if I can do it off the top of my head, though I guess I could try - it would be good practice for my eventual standup career, and later, loosely scripted, largely improvisational sitcom on HBO (to be titled "That's my Cult!)

I'm hoping that the wole distribution thing get's some results, because without people writing in there is no more comedy to come out of it - it largely depends on people submiting things to respond to (I have to admit that I am pretty proud of the response to the "Why does it hurt when I Pee" question).

Hey Ed, why don't you try to put an add in Westword in Denver? That would reach a ton of people. Also, we can give some flyers to my sister and she can drop them off in places around Denver.

Even though I am right downstairs, I will, of course, reply here. It would be great if your sister was willing to do that. At the moment I am resisting spending any money, but ads may be a possibility in the future...

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