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Or least access to it does. Turns out that my new room is within snarfing distance of three wireless networks, which all seem to be about cable speed. Excellent, and saves me $40 a month that can go towards paying for Capoeira lessons (currently on hiatus this week, though back in the plan for next week).

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Hey there,
I'm glad you're coming with us on Saturday, especially since it's your birthday! So, I have no idea what time we're supposed to be there, but I'll let ya know. By the way, you can place an add with and it's free, so you can advertise Shinra in Denver. hehehe. I wonder what would happen if you tried to drop off your fliers to Focus on the might get a lot of takers that way. Those people are the dumbest of the dumb and tend to blindly follow looney tunes...perfect for cult membership.

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