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It's the right thing to do, and everything thing points to that, why do I still feel so bad?

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If TV and Movies teach us nothing, it is that the right thing is frequently the most painful. In fact, that's an easy way to tell if it's right.

Plus, because God is evil. And also is Joss Whedon. And hates us all. And did I mention the evil?

The road to hell is paved with marshmellows and care bears. And Republicans.

The road to hell is also paved with unbought stuffed dogs. Ah, Hemingway.

It is my understanding that most Cults work using what is known as the "tender trap" technique. They have a seemingly innocuous offer("Come take a personality test!") often times using a fake front organization that often caters to particular cross sections of the population that have demonstrated vulnerabilities.

My suggestion: Put flyers up looking for missionaries give them the same sort of clipboard , script, & percentage scheme that the Greenpeace canvassers get then send them out into the world to do the good work of (insert god name or belief system here)

You would provide them with tools to create pamphlets and WWW space for propaganda and Visa/Mastercard contributions(which your organization gets a significant percentage of) with the tenets of (insert god name or belief system here) and training on how best to communicate those beliefs for fun and profit(in exchange for 40% of their take).

You could make some serious bucks and sow all sorts of confusion in the Christian Right.

At a minimum you could have fun when people call with questions because then you get to reply,"Ah, you're calling about the missionary position!"

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