Embracing Change

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So, the initial wierdness period seems to be over - though I keep hearing that it takes four weeks or so for this stuff to really begin having a noticiable effect. I feel pretty normal today and I am able to concentrate on work, get stuff done and so on.

As far as overall mood and stuff goes, it's not too bad. I've begun to realize just how unhappy I was with the way things were, and that things needed to change. This isn't the change that I would have chosen to make a few weeks ago, and it still isn't today, but I think that I can make do with the hand I have been dealt, get through this and I will still end up happier than I have been for the last two years. I still think there was another, better way to fix things, but well, this is what I have and I can't do anything but make the best of it.

Yea me, I am such a fucking grownup now.

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