Day 1 Update

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Slight dry mouth, a little bit of a headache (yes, I ate lunch). Feeling a little weird - kind of floaty, but not enough that I would notice it if I wasn't paying attention. I find that I am less anxious, and seem to be able to function okay, but I feel...weird.

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Um Ed, are wierd. That's part of who you are, and why we love ya! :) In all seriousness though, Zoloft made me feel all "medicine heady", slightly disconnected for the first few days. Does that make you feel better?

Actually, yes, it does make me feel better. Medicine-heady is pretty much exactly the right word to describe what I am feeling. I kind of wish was still in San Francisco so that I could go to the Steinhart Aquarium, stand in the center of the "fish-go-round" and murmer "Big Fish" over and over (you had to be there - and hopped up on cough medicine - to really get that).

I am also, unfortunately experiencing a side effect that I have had before with seratonin related drugs, and will need to take a shower when I get home. Icky.

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