Blackmail Boxes

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The art group Chaos Studios here in Colorado springs has recently put up a display called "Blackmail Boxes" in downtown. It consists of black mailboxes with various threatening, blackmail related phrases on the sides. It's a pretty weird feeling when you come across them unsuspecting. I've put up a flickr set of photos

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w00t w00t! from Edwin Gore's Dopey Homepage! on October 4, 2005 1:17 PM

My post about the Blackmail Boxes got picked up by BoingBoing. Yay for me! Even more though, yay for Chaos Studios who actually made the art that I merely photographed.... Read More

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Hey Ed,

I am still around, you can let me know anything you want, since I am your friend. my email is ----------------------
my site right now is
and you have my phone number somewhere.
So now you know, I do kind of keep track of people out there even if they don't hear from me.
Talk with you soon...

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