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Many, many posts today as I do battle with SOX documentation and need to take a break and use my brain for something else. Either that, or doing the SOX documentation is soooo mindless that while I am doing it I am able to think about other things, which I then decide I want to post.

I'm looking for things to do. I need stuff to occupy my time, because I am tired of wasting it or filling it up with stupid things.

For example, I recently started taking Capoeira classes (Capoeira is a brazilian combination of dance, tumbling, music and martial arts - think Eddy Gordo in Tekken, but you need to be able to clap and sing at the same time in real life). I decided to do this for a couple of reason - I need exercise for one. I also wanted to do something that that I knew I would completely suck at and see if I could stick with it. So far, four lessons, I totally suck at it and feel bad for the other students who get matched with me for practice (at the same time it feels like middle school P.E. and getting picked last every time). I am still sticking to it though. I am slowly getting it, hey I've got the basic stance (the Jenga) almost down (it's easy by the way, at least for everyone else in the world). It probably the hardest physical thing I have ever done, and I'm getting some satisfaction from sticking to it, though the blisters on my feet may kill me, and all the children in the kid's classes could easily kick my ass.

I have also decided recently to start photographing things. Not seriously as in "I am Taking Up Photogaphy", but just as a hobby with a digital camera. It gives me some satisfaction, it's a reason to leave the house and it doesn't involve other people. All good things, right?

I've also realized that I miss something from my past - something that I have occasionally missed before. Back in the late eighties I volunteered at a center called "Computers and You" in San Francisco, where I taught disadvantaged kids how to tell stories using Hypercard. It as extremely satisfying, but I got my job at Visa and the time to do that slowly disappeared. I'd like to find something like that to do again, though I am not sure what yet, or how to go about it. I mean, I make my donations to the red cross, I give to other charities, but giving away money doesn't have the same impact I felt I had working with those kids.

I also need to write more. That is one reason that I am posting more lately. I have a whole bunch of stuff that has been stuck in my head, and I need to get it out. I figure this is better than talking to myself, but I need to find some other outlets as well.

For a long time I have felt like I was passing through life without leaving much of a trace. It wasn't always like that. I used to do stuff, or at least try to do stuff. I wrote game stuff that got published, my old jobs involved either being helpful or creative (whether it was introducing people to books, making sure they didn't get ripped by buying software that does more than they need, making videos and promo stuff, making sure that privacy rights and disenfrachised/unbanked issues are taken into account in the credit card industry, or making neato internet and new media thingees). I don't have that in my 9-5 (really 8-5) anymore, so I need to start making time for it in the other 4 hours a day that I have. Plus some on weekends.

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Hey Ed, talk to me about some ideas for volunteering. THere are so many places that work with kids that need the help. The best place to start though would be the United Way website for the Colorado Springs/El Paso County area because they have a huge database of area non-profits. You can also call them at 211 and ask about volunteer opportunities. Hope this helps! Hey, Big Brothers and Big Sisters ALWAYS need mentors. Ok, so that's it! Bye.

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