Ahhhh! Coffeeeee!

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For the last couple of years I have hardly been drinking any coffee at all - occasionaly (like once every couple of months) I might have a cup or two if we went out to breakfast at King's Chef or something like that.

Today when I got into work a cup of coffee sounded really good, so I poured a cup of the work-sludge. It was delicious. So I had another.

Now I am sitting in my chair, one twitching hand clutching my mouse and making rapid REM like movements around the screen as I work. The left hand has a death grip on the chair arm that would easily crush a windpipe.

No more coffee for me today...

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Oh Ed dear, didn't anyone ever tell you that Work Sludge coffee is like 20x more powerfull mojo than the normal stuff you get at restraunts and home? I rarely drink the stuff, but I have a one cup limit at work 'cause it makes me all Wonky!

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