Things That Make Me Happy

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This is based on a post by Wil Wheaton, which is based on a post by John Kovalic, the theme being, "Things That Make Me Happy" (or cheerful, whatever). So...

  1. Saying "Do you want to go for a ride in the car!" to Pumpkin, my dog, and watching all 78 pounds of him levitate into the air and spin around over and over.
  2. Being in the kitchen, cooking, or doing dishes, and looking out the window to see a baby deer sitting in the middle of the backyard, before the dogs notice it and go crazy barking.
  3. Attempting some technical feat that I have never tried (like, I dunno, customizing OS Commerce for my wife's site, in PHP, which I don't know) and totally succeeding at it.
  4. Buying a book I know nothing about, based on the title or the cover, and having it turn out to be excellent.
  5. Driving with my wife, with her in control of the MP3 player, picking out songs that we both like.
  6. Cooking and then having people enjoy what I cooked, especially if it is something I have never tried cooking before. Actually, cooking in general makes me pretty happy.
  7. Halloween. For a long time now it has taken over as my favorite holiday, handily beating out Christmas, and Arbor day.
  8. Pirates. Things with Pirates just make me very happy.

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