The Death of the Mix-Tape

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The other day, for the first time in about 8 years, I found myself needing to convey feelings that cannot be easily conveyed using mere words. My first instinct (being from that generation) was to put together a mix-tape, the selections of which would perfectly distill my complex emotional message into a series of pop songs, including, I'm guessing by The Smiths, March Violets, Catherine Wheel and one Thomas Dolby song.

Then it hit me, I could make this mix tape...put could the recipient play it? Confusion set in at that point. I know that the tapes target has a portable CD player...but for the life of me, I am not sure that they have a tape player.

My thoughts then turned to making a mix CD. This idea was quickly discarded though. Making a mix tape is an act of love. It's sitting there and waiting while each song plays, then hitting stop at just the right time so that there will be a small gap between the songs. It times time and it takes effort. If you make a mistake you have to redo it and hope that you don't screw up the song before the song you screwed up. You have to carefully plan out the sequence in advance, since once you start there is no turning back.

With a CD it's to easy. A Mix CD has no meaning - it's the product of a few minutes work...most of it waiting for the thing to write.

Shortly after thinking all of that, I realized that I sold my dual cassette deck on Ebay a few months ago and had no way of making a tape anyway.

So those feelings remain untranslated into any format that could adequately communicate them.

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